Why Cubesats are the best solution for space economy

Why are CubeSats the best solution for the space economy for the present and the near future? They have the ability to perform more tasks, commercial, scientific and military, their technology is already mature and the cost of sending them to orbit is enormously lower than traditional satellites.

The latest example comes from Virgin Orbit. After completing its last test in January, the billionaire Richard Branson’s company is will send next June a small constellation of CubeSats into orbit, using a modified plane to launch a rocket into the atmosphere.

It’s not a brand new choice for this technology, several experiments have been carried out in the past, but it is the first time that the launch is organized by individuals and for commercial purposes. The cost is progressively lowering, as is the availability of more companies to provide this service. For this reason, MIPRONS srl is trying to develop a technology able of moving small satellites more easily and more effectively into orbit.

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