Italy invests 1,29 billion in space economy

Minister for Technological Innovation and Digital Transition Vittorio Colao, will be the policy coordinator to space and aerospace programs. The choice of Mario Draghi is due to the new PNRR, where space is a part of the digital chapter, with 25% of the 191 billion euros intended for transition towards a new technological era.

Space is considered and recognized as a strategic activity for economic development, both for economic potential and as a boost for transition in the new European Green Deal. The Italian recovery plan wants to enhancing the earth observation system for monitoring territories and outer space and strengthening national skills in the space economy.
The National Plan includes several lines of action: SatCom, Earth Observation, Space Factory, Access to Space, In-Orbit Economy, Downstream. The resources allocated by the PNRR will cover a portion of the investments defined for these lines of intervention.

In detail, for satellite technologies and the space economy, 1.29 billion euros are expected: investments will be diverted to satellite infrastructures for digital monitoring to protect the territory and in general in the space economy and emerging technologies.

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