Ph.D., M.Sc., M.Eng., M.Eng.

Angelo Minotti’s activities are primarily in Space Propulsion, Combustion, Fluid dynamics, in Dual Use Goods and Arms Control.

He has two Master Degrees (Mechanical Engineering and Astronautics Engineering), a Master of Science (Space Transportation Systems) a PhD (Theoretical and Applied Mechanics) and a Postdoc (Aerospace Propulsion).
Following the above, he was appointed as Assistant Professor in Space Propulsion, earlier, and Space Systems, later, at the Sapienza University of Rome, which he has left in November 2017.
During his academic career, he has been involved in, and has managed, dozens of national and international scientific research projects (NATO, ESA, EU, etc.) and has authored or co-authored dozens of manuscripts and 4 international patents.

He has had the privilege to support and collaborate with private Companies and Industries, International Research Centers and Institutions, International Law Firms, the Italian Government and the UN on issues related to Space Propulsion and Security.