Global startup program, Minotti: “MIPRONS received many expressions of interest”

MIPRONS started the second phase of the Global Startup Program with the kick-off roundtable meeting with ITA – Houston Italian Trade Agency. The second edition of #GSUP – hosted by MassChallenge in Houston, Texas – started with a quick online pitch by the seven-winner startup. The goal of the program is to strengthen technical, organizational and financial skills.

After the opening remarks by Jon Nordby – Managing Director Masschallenge Texax, Federico Ciattaglia, General Consul of Italy in Houston and Fabrizio Giustarini, ITA commissioner in Houston, MIPRONS Ceo and founder Angelo Minotti has briefly introduced the goal of the startup: “MIPRONS is trying to develop an innovative propulsion system for satellites and their carriers, last stages launchers and extra atmospheric drones. In particular, our propulsion system is characterized by high thrust, in miniaturized dimensions, permitting therefore the accomplishment of maneuvers such as the orbit changing, much faster than the other competitors. So it’s possible to speed up the satellite’s operativity, and then to increase the security of high-value assets.

As of today – Minotti concludes – the project is a patent filed in 49 countries in the world and is still under development, but we foresee concluding the prototype in the second half of 2022. We have already received many expressions of interest and agreements with well-regarded international aerospace companies are under negotiations“.

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