MIPRONS goes to Dubai: ready for the IAC convention and Expo 2020

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MIPRONS will experience a very intense week in Dubai, where we join the 72nd edition of the International Astronautical Congress and the forum “Lazio, the Space Region: from Colleferro Capital Space 2022, the challenge for the Space Economy”, hosted at the Italian Pavilion Amphitheater of the Dubai Expo 2020.

These are two key events for MIPRONS. The IAC 2021 brings together aerospace stakeholders, space agencies and institutions from around the world, to exchange information on the latest news about the space economy. The goal is to share new ideas, development projects and strategies for a sector that is becoming increasingly important for all economies.

Italy boasts a long tradition in space activities: it was among the first nations in the world to launch and operate satellites in orbit and it is one of the founding members of the European Space Agency, of which it is now the third contributor country. In the near future, investments in this sector will increase from the current 350 billion to the future 1000-1100 billion by 2040, especially for the launch of satellites, space telecommunications, exploration, mining, space research and even tourism.

MIPRONS is developing a new electric propulsion system, highly effective and scalable on different dimensions. ALEXIUS solution is so tiny to fit within nanosats and so powerful as to allow micro-minisats the speedy accomplishment of high thrust maneuvers, up to 20N of thrust whit specific impulse greater than 350s. The second solution, ALBIREO, an ALEXIUS upgrade, will allow both low and high-thrust maneuvers (altitude, control and orbit changing), lowering the overall weight and complexity. We will be at the IAC from 25th to 29th October and you can find us at the H8-10 section of the main pavilion, in the ITA Italian Trade Agency stand.

Moreover, MIPRONS will join the forum “Lazio, the Space Region: From Colleferro Capital of Space 2022, the new Challenges for the Space Economy”, organized by Regione Lazio and Lazio Innova in the Expo 2020’s Italian Pavilion Amphitheater.

Next year, Colleferro will hold the Communauté des villes Ariane, the European Association of Space Cities founded in 1988, in recognition for the small Lazio city and its aerospace supply chain. MIPRONS is a proud member of this technological community, together with other high-level companies such as Leonardo, Avio and Thales Alenia Space Italia. Angelo Minotti, founder and CEO of MIPRONS, will introduce our startup as an example of best practices on the space economy.

The meeting is scheduled for 22nd October from 14:30 GMT+1 and it will be possible to follow the streaming of the event from here: http://expo2020.lazioinnova.it/en/forum-lazio-region-of-space/