Angelo Minotti presents MIPRONS project at the Dubai Expo 2020

Angelo Minotti

MIPRONS introduced its project during the event “From Colleferro Capital of Space 2022, the new challenges for the Space Economy “, at the Italian pavilion, during the Expo Dubai 2020.

Organized by Lazio Innova and Regione Lazio during Space Week, the event hosted some of the major aerospace companies in the Colleferro area, together with the most innovative startups, including MIPRONS.

The Lazio Aerospace Technology District (DTA) was established in 2004 by an Agreement signed by the Ministry of Research and the Lazio Region and in 2012 the Lazio DTA was one of the founding members of the National Aerospace Technology Cluster (Ctna). Today Lazio is one of the major players in the space economy, able to transfer the benefits of its technologies to citizens, businesses, communities and territories.

Angelo Minotti, Ceo and Founder, explained how MIPRONS is developing the tiniest, most powerful and versatile space propulsion system, with a thrust chamber capable of using green propellant, as water and hydrogen mixed with oxygen. The system is scalable, fitted from nanosat to normal size satellites and space drones. This propulsion system would be up to 100 times faster and up to 10 times smaller than the actual state-of-the-art.

Here you can see the speech: