Next stop Houston for the Global Start Up event: MIPRONS ready for #MassChallenge!

Miprons Houston

As part of the Global Start Up Program, 2nd edition, MIPRONS will join the event hosted at the Amegy The Cannon Community Building located in Houston, Texas, next December 7th, 5 PM (CST).

But what is the Global Start Up Program? This is an integrated expantion path abroad, reserved for a maximum of 150 innovative Italian startups, engaged in the development of product or service innovations, with the goal to strengthen their technical, organizational, and financial skills to tackle new markets. MIPRONS was selected among the finalists of the MassChallenge 2021 accelerator program.

During the acceleration weeks abroad, startups were involved in mentoring activities, networking events, meetings with investors and corporates, with the aim of offering a growth path that allows companies to exponentially increase their professional development skills.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and travel restrictions, after an online first part, the experience will conclude with the promotion events program. New business opportunities will be developed during the skills improvement phase, to attract international capital and pitches planned with new investors and potential customers. At the end of the acceleration phase, the program will now end with the promotion of the start-up through various events organized by ICE.

MIPRONS’S CEO Angelo Minotti will introduce our project to new potential investors: “MIPRONS is trying to develop an innovative propulsion system for satellites and their carriers, last stages launchers and extra atmospheric drones. Our propulsion system is characterized by high thrust, in miniaturized dimensions, permitting therefore the accomplishment of maneuvers such as the orbit changing, much faster than the other competitors. So, it’s possible to speed up the satellite’s operativity, and then to increase the security of high-value asset”.