Italy celebrates the first Giornata Nazionale dello Spazio


Due to the launch of the first Italian satellite the San Marco 1 on 15th December 1964,  the 16th December was elected as National Space Day. With this launch, Italy became one of the first countries in the world to overcome the Earth’s atmosphere.

The Giornata Nazionale dello Spazio is born to raise awareness among Italian citizens about space activities. Space is closer to citizens and to daily life more than one might imagine. The contributions that science and technology applied to space lead to the improvement of the human condition and the returns that the sector and its services offer in terms of economic growth, well-being, sustainable development, environmental protection.

The space economy today is still the driving force of technological development.  With its headquarters in Colleferro, city of space 2022, MIPRONS aims to be among the protagonists of this new “race towards space”.

Our startup is developing a new electric propulsion system for satellites, with high power specific and that can also use different propellents, like hydrogen and water. The system is scalable to be used on satellites of different sizes, from CubeSats to larger instruments. The engine would allow a longer operational life, thanks to the shorter time for positioning in the operating orbit and for any deorbiting.