Our mission is to develop the tiniest, most powerful and versatile space propulsion system.

Our first solution, ALEXIUS, is so tiny to fit within nanosats and so powerful as to allow micro-minisats the speedy accomplishment of high thrust manouvres.

In about 0.3 cubesat units (fuel excluded), up to 5N of thrust may be delivered, with specific impulse greater than 350s.

The system, patent filed in 48 countries and already issued in Italy and Japan, has the goal of TRL=8 by Q2/2025.

ALEXIUS allows to:

Speed-up manouvres (de-orbiting, etc.)
Improve satellite operativity and profitability
From 2kg to +500kg satellites

All that make it ideal for commercial, scientific, intelligence, defence and security applications.

This project, which started in march 2019, has already won many innovation awards and has received expressions of interest for hundreds of satellites worldwide.

Our second solution, ALBIREO, the ALEXIUS upgrade, will allow, with only one propulsion concept, both low and high-thrust manouvres (attitude, control and orbit changing), lowering the overall weight and complexity.

This innovative comprehensive system is already under development.

ALEXIUS and ALBIREO can be installed on satellites, their carriers, on interplanetary drones, on launchers’ last stages and on re-entry systems.



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